add more than 12 feet of linear shelving to your home or office

Authentically Crafted

Authentically Crafted

Designed by an architect, crafted by a canoe maker.

The bookseat is more than a chair, it’s a story of a tradition, history and an intangible feeling of the ephemerality of things…

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Felt Options for added comfort

More than 24 colours to choose from.

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Wool + Wood

Sourced from the woodlots of New Brunswick, from FCS certified lumber, our bookseat classic is molded with 5 layers of laminated Maple and Birch, pressed in Ontario.

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Wool + Wood
DoubleDip Bench

DoubleDip Bench

Our DoubleDip bench comes in three lengths, from 3 to 6 feet and available in a wide range of felt colour options with integrated storage pouches to let you do more with your space!

Store your newspaper, magazines and animate your space.

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More Than Just Furniture ...

We are passionate to change your everyday experience of space and objects. Visit our minimally diverse collection and do more with your space.

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More Than Just Furniture ...
Designed for a sustainable future

Designed for a sustainable future

FSC certified wood
Natural felted wool
Locally sourced & manufactured
Timeless design

lights | acoustics | seats

Residential | Commercial | Institutional

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Residential | Commercial | Institutional

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